About us



Bievisan is a mission, a project of life that was born in an August day of 2013 in South America


Let’s take a step back two years when life confronts me with a difficult challenge, for me, for my family and for all those who loved me. Fortunately I overcome everything and feel in me born the desire to study, deepen a something that could be useful to human health. My research starts online and after several months of studies, in a sultry sleepless night, I come across a very ancient text of indigenous medicinal plants and I find that there is only one copy in the world in a museum in Bogota, Colombia. I’m leaving with the only goal of having that text in your hands, reading it and discovering what it’s hiding! I arrive at the museum but it is more difficult than it seems because the book can not be accessed, it is hidden at 10mt below ground in an armored casket! But I do not want me, I have to see it!

From here it is another story … birn the oral solution BievisanVita made with Moringa, the “miraculous plant” with a thousand properties. Thousands of customers in just over 15 months only in the South American city and a thousand emotions in their stories that I carry in my heart! Today this adventure I want to relive it in my country Italy, in Europe and in the whole world to let everyone know the   Moringa , this magnificent plant that has changed my life and I am sure it will change it to you too!


Bievisan Company  is a “INNOVATIVE START UP “, active in the field of Nutraceuticals and Natural Cosmetics with a line of high quality products designed and carefully studied for specific and daily needs of adults and children.
Our team is made up of health specialists who are always attentive to changes in the human body.
Our lines are divided into:
Il nostro team è composto da specialisti della salute sempre attenti ai cambiamenti dell’organismo umano.
Le nostre linee si dividono in:


The nutraceuticals  are those principles nutrients in foods that have beneficial effects on health, Bievisan lines are aimed at improving people’s lives through a beneficial process of medicinal plantsinali


The  natural cosmetics  is the set of activities that enhance the pleasure, appearance and aesthetics of the human being through medicinal plants of high efficacy, here comes the cosmetic brand  DERMAFLE ‘  functional facial creams and high quality enough to be classified as ” Class I CE medical devices”